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She is such a cutie!  I love her black patch little nose.  I love that first pic of her with all those whiskers going all over the place.

I'm not an animal person too but when I do "see" them they are so cute to me!


I just added a pic of the Princess with her new friend, too.   The Princess does not tend to be near us much.  She does her own thing.  This kitten on the other hand is the opposite.  She will be a lap cat for sure.

It is really weird because about a week before Cookie showed up, DS got a Birthday Card with a white kitten with similar makrkings on the front of it.  Spooky.



OMG CUTE!  Cookie is adorable!  Princess does not look amused in that last photo, LOL.


Awww Cookie Dough is adorable!!  And Princess Sagwa, true to her name, regal and beautiful, tks for the pics!


I am not much a cat person, but she is so cute. :)  Pets are the best.


ADORABLE!!! I love the great black and white contrast between Cookie Dough and The Princess!!!! I LOVE KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


OMG she's so cute. THE CRAZY WHISKERS AND THE NOSE!! she looks like a chihuahua on the last picture!

Princess has that 'whatchu lookin' at' look on her face. haha


OMG this post completely made my day. *runs off to snuggle own kittens*


She's so pretty! And those eyes... *falls in love.

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