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I've tried this! I used to make this every Friday night for Shabbat. :-) It's remarkable how well the bread comes out. Although I was terrible at dusting it with flour before putting it into the pot to bake and it usually came out covered with too much flour LOL, but the bread itself was great. Yours looks much more polished.

BTW, the "older" Corningware is so much better than the newer stuff. When I moved three years ago, I bought new Corningware, and it's nowhere near as good as the stuff I grew up with. Be happy you have the 15 year-old variety! :-D


Thanks for the complements!  I thought I was a little heavy with the flour, but it came out great even though it still stuck to the wax paper a little.  The cormeal really helped, too.  My biggest concern with using the glass pan was the possibility of shattering it.  Even Pyrex shatters when there is a very quick and significant temperature change (like from hot to frozen).  That is one of the main reasons I went with the parchment paper inside.  I guess I thought it might help a little.


OMGosh, that bread looks so yummy, Jen!  I love Mark Bittman's blog and approach to cooking/food.  Not one who is into all the fancy "must haves" at all.  I just looked through my cooking/baking stuff and I don't have anything that would work, so will keep my eyes open b/c we too are big carb lovers here.  Thanks so much for sharing this :)


Nifty! That looks very yummy.
One of my roomates makes his own bread, but it all seems too complicated to me.  I will have to give this a closer look, although we don't have a heavy enclosed pot that I am aware of :(


There are many videos out there with even a few baking variations.  Some bake it in a pie plate.  But in that case, they have a metal pan in the bottom of the oven into which they put ice to create the steam needed.  You just need to keep the oven closed for the 30 minutes, and then maybe open the oven to release the steam?

Laurie Gauthier-Jones

Wow, Jen, I am sooooo impressed! that looks so yummy.

I am trying a recipe for dinner tonight that I got from a friend over the 'net. Basically it's a way of making individual omelets for each family member, but instead of making them one at a time, you put the different ingredients for  each one in an seperate 1 quart ziploc bag, them you close them, and then cook them all together for exactly 13 minutes in boiling water. My Muz tried it last week, and she said it turn out great!



We did this at a Scout overnight.  It was fun and the omelets were good.  Have you made ice cream in a baggie, yet?

Canadian Goddess

[this is good] Oh Jen, this looks totally yummy! Did i mention i love bread? LOL Love bread with a passion -- my mom always made "homemade" bread for us as kids so it's something we grew up with. IMO it's best right out of the oven with a good layer of butter. Yum-O!  Usually i make mine in the form of a bun shape so that way we all run off into our respective corners with our own;o) This looks so irresistible -- definitely will be trying this soon;o) Thanks=)


The bread looks so yummy!


MMMMMM. I got my homemade bread recipe from in-laws although FIL is the true baker (he will only tell my DD the "secrets" LOL) This looks absolutely yummy. I may have to try. 


Yum!  That bread looks delicious!  Great job!


Oh this looks really good! I may have to give it a go one day. I think my mom has a Corningware casserole dish just like that! So maybe...

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