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These are great swatches Jen!  I don't want to knock Karen's swatches on her site, but I much prefer yours.  It seems so much more vibrant and true to color.  I'm really digging Peach and Mimosa.


I agree with LT! I love your swatches. The colors are a lot easier to see and compare. I've definitely purchased a few colors I was on the fence about after I saw your swatches!


Thanks for the complements, Helen and LT.  I am not sure what my formula is, but I have a feeling it is DH's camera and lighting.  Just so you know, Karen agrees with you.  If she can get the products to me before they are released, she uses my swatches!!  Who knows, we might go back one day and put mine in on aome of the other products, too.


I totally get that you have lots of other things to do other than be Karen's official swatcher :-) But I really wish that your swatches would go up when Karen has a new release. *wink* When Karen had the big release around holiday time, I kept checking back, just in case you swatched them. Haha. I've totally bookmarked and saved the pages of your swatches for reference!


The swatches are so pretty.  Thanks for sharing.


It is kind of funny that you say that.  I actually enjoy doing them, and some of them she does pay me a little for.  It is a win/win for both of us.  I really should have been better about getting the holiday ones up, because doing something creative like that is kind of a 'little spot of sanity' for me.  I was just so sick off and on over the whole holiday season.   And I do take requests!!!  :D


Thank you, Jen!  I get so much info from all of the people here at Vox.  It makes sense for me to contribute what I have!


i love ur swatches! but they do tend to enable me too.. LOL!

i'm going to place an order soon! love the new lippie colours


WOW thanks Jen! *Time to haul*


Aria is so pretty, and I agree, your swatches rocks =) thanks, Jen...
for making me drool hahaha


Jen..which ones fall more into the lipgloss category ..the slickers or the black label lippies?


The Black Labels are kind of glossy, but the Slickers are glossier.  The Black Label were designed to be a more nourishing lippie.


great..thanks Jen..

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