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Oh my, I really feel today is my luckiest/happiest day ever! And all connected wit SN lol. I just received quite a number of SN e/s from Ann, and now you tempt me with this yummy swatches. I'm drooling :D!!! This deserves to be posted on SN web, Jen, and I'm sure it's gonna double the sales lol.
Anyway, thanks for the perfect swatches! Did you by any chance know what's gonna be next week GWP hehe, I'm not so keen on masks :p.


Jen, you do the BEST swatches!  I'm having a hard time keeping track of all of the new stuff at SN-are these new too?  And thanks again for the swatches of Maiden and Precious :)


No ideas on the GWP for next week.  Sometimes I do have some idea, but this time I will be as surprised as you.

I did the swatches on the product pages on the website for both Cougar and Wildcat.  Karen sent them to me ahead of time when those came out.  It is weird how even my own swatches can come out diferently depending on the angle and lighting.  Also, the colors you asked me to include for reference really helped.  If I get good ones, I can always put them up on the website myself.


Thank you, Ruby!  It has taken a bit to perfect my formula and sometimes my pictures still aren't that accurate.  Minerals have such depth and layers of color that cannot be captured by a camera.  They are usually much prettier in person.  I was glad to help on the lippie swatches.  Yes, there are quite a few new products to keep straight.  I really need to update my swatch gallery!


You're welcome, Jen!  Your swatches so even and uniform.  I'm lousy at it so I appreciate almost any, but yours, well they speak for themselves!  You've got alot on your plate between answering questions and maintaining your swatch gallery on the SN Forum too!

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